Art and photography are a part of everyday life and constantly evolving, reflecting, and influencing the shape of the world around us. A Highfield art student will develop an appreciation and understanding of the arts, culture and the wider world through a process of exploration, analysis, and outcome.  Our art curriculum inspires and promotes imaginative risk taking and explores responses to our material, emotional, social and virtual worlds. Through the practical manipulation of materials, and a critical understanding of visual language, students learn to express and communicate their own personal ideas and create, experiment with, and invent their own works of art.


Head of Department Mr R Burton
Teachers of Art and Photography Mrs J Hammond
Mrs J Clift
Teachers of Art

Ms L Hoskins

Technician Miss N Arnold




In Art at Key Stage 3 we deliver a broad syllabus, which focuses on the development of each student's 'visual awareness'. In Year 7, Students explore how artists convey meaning through art; how we can communicate through the use of colour, symbolism and mark making. In Year 8, Students explore socio-cultural influences on art and arts influence on cultural identity. In Year 9, Students explore the personal relationship that artists have with their work; how to convey a sense of self through abstract and expressive approaches.

Year 7 Art Curriculum Plan
Year 8 Art Curriculum Plan
Year 9 Art Curriculum Plan


Art GCSE is a very popular choice for students. It offers them the opportunity to build upon foundation skills, and increasingly to develop a mature and individual approach to the development of their own work. Individual outcomes are nurtured and encouraged and can be expressed using everything from traditional mediums through to 3D work, Photography and Digital Art. Students taking ownership of their projects encourages independence, creativity and lateral thinking, skills which are fundamental in all aspects of life. This course is assessed through a portfolio of work and an externally set project from the exam board.

Year 10 Art Curriculum Plan
Year 11 Art Curriculum Plan - Autumn and Spring Term 


At KS5 we teach GCE Advanced Level Art and Design in Fine Art and Photography. These are stimulating and very popular courses, which focus on the further development of our student's artistic and technical abilities. Students are introduced to a variety of experiences that employ a range of traditional and new media, processes and techniques appropriate to the chosen areas of study. Knowledge of art and design is developed through critical theory, research, the development of ideas and making. Students will record ideas, explore relevant resources and generate and explore techniques. Students will create final outcomes showing their own response to their starting point after thorough research and development. A high proportion of students go on to continue their art and design studies, either at university or on art foundation courses.

Year 12 Art Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 12 Art Curriculum Plan - Spring Term
Year 12 Art Curriculum Plan - Summer Term
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Spring Term
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Summer Term

Year 13 Art Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 13 Art Curriculum Plan - Spring Term
Year 13 Photography Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 13 Photography Curriculum Plan - Spring Term