The Highfield School's Reading Provision

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Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Vocabulary is a programme for all KS3 and KS4 students that helps you learn and embed new vocabulary. It will help you learn the tricky language you might come across in text books, lessons, exams and in real life. By working through the digital lessons on Bedrock, you will learn them all and hundreds more! All the content is based on your personal reading age, which means that you really are learning!

Each week, you need to complete a minimum of 2 Bedrock lessons. Your tutor will know what you achieved each week and will issue appropriate rewards or sanctions. 

Your lessons are drip fed every 12 hours. 
This means that you can’t do all of your Bedrock lessons at the last minute on Sunday night! 

A perfect approach looks like this:

  • Monday – Bedrock lesson 1
  • Wednesday – Bedrock lesson 2
  • Friday or any day on the weekend – Bedrock lesson 3

How is my progress measured?
You do a test to start with. This shows us how much of the language you already know.
Then you work your way through the lessons and games.
At the end of each unit, you are tested to see how much progress you’ve made.

You really must complete at least 2 lessons of Bedrock per week – if you are having any issues with it, please see your form tutor or speak to Ms Bochnak-Sales.