Our department strives to inspire our students to pursue either, a Higher education qualification, career in business or their very own business. We also aim to provide them with the necessary attributes to be even more employable and successful in the future - such as enabling them with the tools to further develop their confidence, independence, team working, problem solving, presentational and entrepreneurial skills.


Mr T Clark

Head of Business

Miss B Lees Teacher of Business & Economics



In Key Stage 4, the GCSE Business specification (Edexcel) is designed to encourage students to think and act like entrepreneurs. From their very first lesson they start with a business simulation that can provoke thought and discussion through a variety of different activities. This ensures that they actively participate in a variety of situations designed to stimulate their imagination and to encourage them to make decisions based upon their knowledge and understanding of the subject:

  • Theme 1: Investigating small business
  • Theme 2: Building a business

Year 10 Business Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term


In Key Stage 5, the A Level Business specification (Edexcel) encourages candidates to develop a critical understanding of organisations, the context in which they operate, the markets they serve and the process of adding value through a problem-solving approach to study. The opportunity to pursue an area of particular interest exists within the overall framework.

  • Theme 1 - Marketing and people
  • Theme 2 - Managing business activities
  • Theme 3 - Business decision and strategy
  • Theme 4 - Global business

A Level Business students have the opportunity to visit the Mini plant in Oxford which brings to life the theory behind Operations Management and Production.

KS5 Business Schemes of Work