KS3 and KS4 Examinations and Revision

 Please click on the arrows below to find information on KS3 and KS4 examinations and revision.

KS3 - Years 7, 8 and 9

KS3 Revision - Advice for preparing for assessments and exams 

Please find below some PowerPoint slides which feature techniques you can use to prepare for KS3 assessments and exams. 

Exam Stress - advice for students and parents and carers 

KS4 - Years 10 and 11

Update to Examinations for Summer 2021

As you may have seen, the Department for Education recently announced that GCSE and A-level exams will not go ahead next summer. Grades will be awarded by teachers.

In line with the regulations for this year please use this link to view a copy of the schools Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades in summer 2021.

Results days will be earlier than usual - on Tuesday 10 August for A-levels, and Thursday 12 August for GCSEs. Once you have received your results, if you would like to appeal any of your teacher assessed grades please read this document which outlines the appeals process. 

Mock Examinations

All Year 10 students will be taking some mock exams in June and July.  Year 10 exams will run from Monday 21st June to Friday 2nd July.

Please use the link below to view a copy of the timetable.

Year 10 mock timetable

There will be no study leave during the exam period and normal lessons will run between exams.  All students should attend registration as usual, and normal lessons between exams. 

Public Examinations

There are a number of important regulation documents that all examination students should be aware of. These set out the rules that have to be followed. If you do not follow the regulations then you could be at risk of disqualification. Please see the links below to the documents that you should read:

Written Examination regulations:

Coursework and non-examined assessment (NEA) regulations:

Please also read this Privacy Notice which explains how the exam boards use and store your information.

Some useful information on the procedure for sitting formal exams has been issued to Year 11’s and this is the link to the document.

If you have any questions regarding examinations please don’t hesitate to contact the exam's office at: exams@highfield.herts.sch.uk

KS4 Revision - Advice for preparing for assessments and exams 

Exam Stress - advice for students and parents and carers 


  We have just signed up to GCSE Pod for KS4 students. More information coming soon!