Ofsted (2013) commented 'Students are especially proud of the wide range of clubs and sporting activities that are available after school, and the opportunity that the school provides for students to study at school and after school. Students participate fully in after-school activities, which clearly help them develop interests and experience that they take beyond the school gates. For example, students spoke extremely highly of the school's drama productions in which they have been involved'.

Extra-curricular activities are a strength of The Highfield School. We offer an exciting and extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities for all of our students throughout the year, which all departments contribute to.

The following is an indication of the opportunities available:

  • regular visits to museums, exhibitions and theatres
  • residential trips, both in the UK and abroad
  • instrumental and vocal music lessons, activities and performances
  • practices and competitions in a wide range of sports
  • lunch and after school clubs from writing club to chess
  • charity and community work
  • leadership opportunities
  • drama productions
  • ground projects such as gardening


Extra-curricular Activities

Music Tuition

Peripatetic Staff

  • Brass - John Lavelle
  • Drums - Dan Bird
  • Flute - Jane Rose
  • Guitar - Ron Aktinson
  • Piano - Adrian Oldland
  • Violin - Julia Black
  • Voice - Lynsey Tibbs
  • Woodwind - Valerie Blake


  • What instrumental tuition is available at the school?
    The department hires instrumental teachers from the County Music Service. These are all experienced professional musicians.  Tuition is available on flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, drums, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, voice, piano, and keyboard.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Fees are as follows: 
    30 minute individual tuition - £231.00 per term
    20 minute individual tuition - £154.00 per term

    For students taking GCSE or A-Level Music fees are reduced by The Highfield School as follows:
    GCSE/A Level 30 minute individual lesson - £138.60 per term
    GCSE/A Level 20 minute individual lesson - £92.40 per term

    Please note that the music service does not offer remission to students studying music at GCSE or A-Level.

    The fee covers 33 lessons per academic year.  This works out on average as 11 weeks in a term but as term lengths vary you may receive 10 lessons one term and 12 the next for example.
  • When do lessons occur?
    Lesson times are rotated each week to ensure that a student does not constantly miss any one particular subject lesson.

    Please therefore make sure students check their timetables which are posted on the notice board outside Music Room 1 for their lesson time each week and note it down in their student planner.
  • What happens if a teacher misses a lesson?
    The teacher will not claim for that lesson and the lesson is either made up or a refund will be given after the academic year is completed, when all music service statements have been received, i.e., around November of that year.

Notice to cease/alter lessons
A full half term's notice is required in writing to the Finance Office should you wish to alter or cease tuition. Lessons during the notice period must be paid for regardless of whether the student intends to attend lessons during that notice period.

If insufficient notice is given you will be liable for fees in lieu of notice.

What happens if a student misses a lesson, either by accident or illness, a school trip or public exam?

Reason for Missed Lesson Implication/Action Required
Cost Peri Parent

Lesson not provided due to action taken by school:

  1. School closure e.g. adverse weather conditions, industrial action or occasional day
  2. Students on a compulsory activity
Cost of lesson will be bourne by school if lesson cannot be made up by peri Peri not expected to make up lesson  
Student attending a non-compulsory trip or public exam Lesson not refunded Peri not expected to make up lesson Student/Parent to liaise with peri to discuss if lesson can be made up
Peri absence No cost to parent nor school Peri may try to offer alternative date  
Student sickness/forgets/no valid reason for not attending   Peri not expected to make up lesson Where possible, please contact the school to advise that the lesson will be missed so that the Peri may consider offering an alternative date.

Students who leave instruments at home can still benefit from theory lessons.

Study Leave
Lessons for students in Years 11, 12 and 13 will cease at Whitsun half term.  You will only be charged for this reduced period.  Written notification should be sent if you require lessons to continue to the end of the Summer Term.

How do I communicate with my child's instrumental teacher?
Please write a note to the teacher in the student's practice book and ask the teacher to contact you if necessary.

What do I do if I am dissatisfied with the standard of the tuition my child is receiving?
Please write a note to the Head of Music explaining your concerns and it will be dealt with as required.

Applying for lessons
Application forms can be collected from Mrs Reehal in reception, or alternatively can be accessed below:

Application Form

Notification of start date will be communicated to parents by Music Admin.  A waiting list is held where an instrument is oversubscribed.

Payment of fees
Invoices are sent out by the school Finance Office at the beginning of each term in advance for tuition starting the following term.  All monies are payable to 'The Highfield School' and should be paid via WisePay or sent to the Finance Office.  Please mark the envelope 'Music Lesson Fees'.

Invoices must be paid for a full half term in advance of tuition commencing so that we are able to comply with Music Service requirements.  Non-payment will result in the student being removed from the list and no lessons will be given.

Reimbursement claim form
Please click the link below for the reimbursement claim for for GCSE and A Level students only taking authorised lessons outside of The Highfield School

Claim form

Financial Assistance
Information can be found at www.hertsmusicservice.org.uk/remission or please contact the customer service centre on 0300 123 4048 or www.howwecanhelp@hertscc.gov.uk