In Music lessons we learn to perform, compose, notate and appraise music from a variety of genres. Students explore music ICT on our Mac suite through the use of Garageband, Logic Pro X and Sibelius 7.5.


Head of Music Mrs S Meacham
Teacher of Music Mr T Nichol
Teacher of Music Ms J Manning
Peripatetic teachers John Lavelle
Dan Bird
Jane Rose
Ron Aktinson
Adrian Oldland
Julia Black
Lynsey Tibbs
Valerie Blake



Students in Years 7, 8, and 9 have one hour of music tuition a week. The music lessons are practical with a focus on peer and self-evaluation and group work. Units studied include Rhythm and Pulse, Keyboard Skills, The Orchestra, Blues, Gamelan and Songs from the Shows.

Learning styles in Year 9 Music lessons particularly focus on the development of independent learning and incorporate many of the features of the informal learning process which has been pioneered during a pilot project with the County Music Service and the Institute of Education at London University (more information at

Year 7 Music Curriculum Plan 
Year 8 Music Curriculum Plan 
Year 9 Music Curriculum Plan 


We study the Edexcel GCSE Music specification. The course has three components: performing, composing and appraising – this includes four areas of study: Instrumental Music 1700 – 1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen, Fusions.

Year 10 and 11 Music Curriculum Plan

The course is assessed as follows:
Performing (solo and ensemble) 30% [60 marks].
Students must perform for a minimum of four minutes.

Composing 30% [60 marks].
Students must compose two pieces that together total a minimum of three minutes. One is a free composition and one is a composition to a brief set by the exam board.

Appraising examination 40% [80 marks].


We study the Edexcel A level Music specification. The course has three components: Performing, Composing and Appraising. This includes the following areas of study: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Film Music, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions and New Directions

Year 12 and 13 Music Curriculum Plan

The course is assessed as follows:

Performing 30% [60 marks].
Students must perform a recital of at least 8 minutes as a soloist or as part of an ensemble.

Composing 30% [60 marks].
Free composition – 20% [40 marks]
Free composition: Students must compose either a free composition or a composition linked to a brief set by the exam board lasting a minimum of 4 minutes.

Briefs assessing technique – 10% [20 marks]
Briefs assessing technique: Students will learn how to harmonise a chorale melody in the style of JS Bach. Students will then harmonise one or more chorale melodies in controlled assessment conditions in April/May of the year of certification.

Appraising examination 40% [100 marks].



Does the school offer instrumental/vocal lessons?

Yes. We offer lessons on a wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments. Please see

Are there extra-curricular music clubs?

Yes. We have a Junior Choir (Years 7 – 9), a Senior Choir (Years 10 – 13), a Soul band, and a Rock club. Students form their own bands and make use of the practice rooms in the department. We also put on a musical show every two years.