A-Level English Language

What will I be learning? 

Paper 1 Language, the Individual and Society
100 marks 2 hour 30 mins exam 40%
Section A: Textual Variations and Representations
(3 questions on 2 unseen texts)
Section B: Children’s Language Development
(a discursive essay, choice of 2 questions with data provided)

Paper 2 Language Diversity and Change
100 marks 2 hours 30 minutes exam 40%
Section A: 
Diversity and Change 
(1 question from a choice of 2)
Section B:
Language Discourses 
(1 question on 2 texts and 1 directed writing task)

NEA Language in Action 
3500 words 100 marks 20%
1. A language investigation (2000 words)
2. Original Writing and commentary (1500 words)

How will I be assessed?

Continuous assessment will be taking place during lessons and in form of homework. A majority of it will be essays. You will sit mock examinations at the end of Year 12 and twice in Year 13. 2 pieces of NEA will be produced with the support of your teacher. 

Independent study opportunities

There is a wealth of resources to help students with their independent study. You should read widely about linguistics and our library, as well as our subscription to two magazines will help with that. You will also be given an extended reading and resource list that you can use during your independent study times. 

What resources do I need? 

You will be given a handbook to use as a revision resource and there is nothing specific to purchase. You will need 3 folders which we would encourage you to organise well from the very moment you start the course.

Will I go on any trips?

Every year we attend the eMagazine Language Conference in London. We are planning to run this twice a year as we love hearing lectures from the researchers we actually study on the course. We also visit The British Library. 

What careers could this lead on to? 

Digital copywriter, Editorial assistant, Lexicographer, Magazine journalist, Newspaper journalist
Publishing copy-editor/proof-reader, Secondary school teacher, Media researcher, Primary school teacher, Public relations officer, Records manager, Social media manager

What grades do I need for this course? 

An Average Point Score of a 4 is needed. You will need at least a 5 in English Language and English Literature.