A-Level Law

What will I be learning?

Paper 1: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and Criminal law (75 marks)
Paper 2: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and Tort (75 marks)
Paper 3: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and the law of contract OR human rights (75 marks)

There are three 2-hour exams.

Each exam covers a range of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

How will I be assessed?

Continuous assessment will be taking place during lessons and in the form of homework. You will learn how to approach the full range of question types. There are mock examinations at the end of year 12 and twice in year 13. 

Independent Study Opportunities

There will be terminology to learn in order to develop the appropriate style and content and cases to learn and memorise. You will also be given extended reading and research for during your independent study times. 

What resources do I need? 

You will need 3 folders (one for each paper) which we would encourage you to organise well from the very moment you start the course. 
We will use glossaries and a textbook to support learning and there will be the opportunity to buy or borrow.

Will I go on any trips?

Enrichment opportunities will be considered for the course.
We will look to set up a debate club to support argument and involve younger students to develop your debating and leadership skills.

What careers could this lead on to?

Students who study A level law are likely to go on to degree level study. An A level in law is not a requirement for a law degree. The skills you learn are very transferable and are likely to mean that you would be interested in careers in legal or financial services, social work or the civil service. The skills you develop such as communication, analysis and problem solving, clear expression, self-management and logical thought will lend themselves to a diverse range of career paths.

What grades do I need for this? 

An average Point Score of a 4 is needed. You will need at least a 5 in English Language/English Literature to have the best background for the demands of this subject