A-Level Physical Education

What will I be learning? 

You will study 6 units within the course. These will be as follows:  

  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Acquistion of movement skills
  • Sport and society 
  • Exercise physiology  
  • Sports psychology 
  • Technology in sport and physical activity.  

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed through two 2-hour exams, these exams total 210 marks (2x105 marks), which contributes to 70% of their overall A-Level awarded grade. 

Students will also be assessed in the practical performance of one sport contributing to 15% of their overall A-Level grade. 

Students will be assessed in the ability to analyse practical performance, contributing to 15% over their overall A-Level grade. 

Independent study opportunities

Students will be provided with textbooks for additional reading and independent activities as they follow the course. There are several links to additional studying through the ISP (independent study plans) created by the department to support learning. 

What resources do I need? 

Practical wear to support teaching and learning. Textbooks are given to the students to support teaching and learning. 

Will I go on any trips?

The examination groups in previous years have trips such as visiting the laboratories at The University of Bedfordshire to undergo physiological testing procedures. 

What careers could this lead on to? 

Sports Journalism 
Sports Scientist
Physiotherapy, sports therapy, and rehabilitation.
Sports coaching or fitness industry roles.  
Higher education lecturer
Secondary school teacher

What grades do I need for this course? 

An Average Point Score of a 4 is needed. Participation in a sporting team outside of school is a must. Studying GCSE or BTEC equivalent in sports/studies would be advantageous.