Design and Technology is part of everyday life and is constantly evolving. You will be involved in developing design and practical skills within a variety of material areas allowing you to manufacture high quality outcomes. You will build an understanding of analysis and evaluation giving you confidence and the ability to understand the design world that is all around you.  In developing a large range of core transferable skills, such as collaboration and communication, you will study commercial processes and be enthused by the vast range of career opportunities that these subjects offer.


Head of Faculty Miss J Barnard
Teacher of Food Technology and Textiles Miss C Burnham
Teacher of Graphics Miss J Gentry
Teacher of Resistant Materials Miss E Bill
Department Technicians

Mrs A Brothers
Miss M Jaszewska 






In Design and Technology students experience a wide variety of subjects including Food Technology, Graphic Communication, Resistant Materials and Textiles.  All students at KS3 spend time in each area to gain knowledge of the different design and manufacturing skills required to succeed with different media.  These subject disciplines allow a student to have hands-on experience of a wide range of different manufacturing techniques, tools and equipment in the production of their own high quality outcomes.

Year 7 Food Curriculum Plan
Year 7 Graphics Curriculum Plan 
Year 7 Resistant Materials Curriculum Plan
Year 7 Textiles Curriculum Plan

Year 8 Food Curriculum Plan
Year 8 Graphics Curriculum Plan
Year 8 Resistant Materials Curriculum Plan
Year 8 Textiles Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Food Curriculum Plan
Year 9 Graphics Curriculum Plan
Year 9 Resistant Materials Curriculum Plan
Year 9 Textiles Curriculum Plan

Food Allergens Overview



This qualification is designed for students who have an interest in Catering allowing them to develop their understanding and practical abilities in food nutrition, planning menus, learning how to cook a variety of dishes and how to present their dishes to a high standard. It will provide students with experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to enable them to use these within further education or apprenticeships. It will give them a good understanding of the skills required to succeed in the catering and broader food industries.

This course is assessed through Coursework and a formal exam.

Year 10 Catering Curriculum Plan
Year 11 Catering Curriculum Plan

Graphic Communication

This course encourages students to understand the process of designing primarily visual material to convey information, ideas, meanings and emotions in response to a brief. Students will study a variety of areas within Graphic Communication, for example Communication graphics, illustration, typography and using multi-media. Students will develop their hand skills producing illustrations and developing their Photoshop skills. The course encourages creativity, independence and students taking ownership of their work.

This course is assessed through a portfolio of work and an externally set project from the exam board.

Year 10 Graphics Curriculum Plan
Year 11 Graphics Curriculum Plan

Product Design – Resistant Materials

This course encourages students to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. Students will be enthused and challenged by the range of design problems leading to the development of high quality working prototypes using a multimedia approach. The outcomes are evaluated for commercial viability to build the candidates understanding of industrial practice and opportunities in the world of work.

The real life challenges will allow the students to demonstrate awareness of the need to consider sustainability and the environmental impact within design practice.  Whilst creating innovative work and making effective use of CAD/CAM facilities such as laser cutting and 3D printing.  This course is good preparation for a vast array of different career opportunities.

The course is assessed through an innovative design and manufacture challenge and a summative formal exam, these components are equally weighted.

Year 10 Product Design Curriculum Plan
Year 11 Product Design Curriculum Plan


The course enables students to demonstrate their creativity, with designing and the making of textile products. It will equip learners with the practical skills they need to progress to further studies, or vocational courses in a very vibrant fast moving environment.

Students will study Textile Artists and explore a range of decorative techniques. Students will work towards a brief and study a variety of projects throughout the course. Students will create a number of practical outcomes to develop and demonstrate their competency in a variety of core textiles skills such as working with material and components. They will develop valuable transferable skills including communication and collaboration whilst studying this course. 

This course is assessed through a portfolio of work and an externally set project from the exam board

Year 10 Textiles Curriculum Plan - Autumn and Spring Term
Year 10 Textiles Curriculum Plan - Summer Term
Year 11 Textiles Curriculum Plan


At KS5 we teach GCE Advanced Level Art and Design in Graphic Communication and Textiles. These are stimulating and very popular courses, which focuses on the further development of our student's artistic and skilled abilities. Students are introduced to a variety of experiences that employ a range of traditional and new media, processed and techniques appropriate to the chosen areas of study. Knowledge of Art and Design is developed through research, the development of ideas and making. Students will record ideas, explore relevant resources and generate and explore techniques. Students will create a final piece showing their own response to their starting point after thorough research and development.

Year 12 Graphics Curriculum Plan
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Spring Term
Year 12 Photography Curriculum Plan - Summer Term
Year 12 Textiles Curriculum Plan - Autumn and Spring Term
Year 12 Textiles Curriculum Plan - Summer Term 

Year 13 Graphics Curriculum Plan
Year 13 Photography Curriculum Plan - Autumn Term
Year 13 Photography Curriculum Plan - Spring Term
Year 13 Textiles Curriculum Plan