Booking Lessons

Instrumental music lessons are available with our school’s music provider, Hertfordshire Music Service from September. If you haven’t applied for lessons already, all the information you need to book is available at HMS tutors will be teaching face to face or online and every effort has been taken to ensure both tutors and pupils are kept safe in line with guidance.

COVID-19 Relief Fund: All pupils can apply for non-means tested financial support of 25% off fees for instrumental lessons. 

Peripatetic Staff

  • Bassoon - TBC
  • Brass - John Lavelle
  • Drums - Dan Bird
  • Flute - Jane Rose
  • Guitar - Ron Aktinson
  • Piano - Adrian Oldland
  • Violin - Julia Black
  • Voice - Lynsey Tibbs
  • Woodwind - Valerie Blake


  • What instrumental tuition is available at the school?
    The department hires instrumental teachers from the County Music Service. These are all experienced professional musicians.  Tuition is available on flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, bassoon, trombone, euphonium, drums, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, voice, piano, and keyboard.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Fees are as follows: 
    30 minute individual tuition - £231.00 per term
    20 minute individual tuition - £154.00 per term
    *30 minute shared tuition - £115.50 per term

    *please note that the shared lessons are only an option if there is another student wanting to have shared lessons on the same instrument.

    For students taking GCSE or A-Level Music fees are reduced by The Highfield School as follows:
    GCSE/A Level 30 minute individual lesson - £138.60 per term
    GCSE/A Level 20 minute individual lesson - £92.40 per term

    Please note that the music service does not offer remission to students studying music at GCSE or A-Level.

    The fee covers 33 lessons per academic year.  This works out on average as 11 weeks in a term but as term lengths vary you may receive 10 lessons one term and 12 the next for example.
  • When do lessons occur?
    Lesson times are rotated each week to ensure that a student does not constantly miss any one particular subject lesson.
  • What happens if a teacher misses a lesson?
    The teacher will not claim for that lesson and the lesson is either made up or a refund will be given after the academic year is completed, when all music service statements have been received, i.e., around November of that year.
  • How will lessons be communicated to students and parents/carers?
    The instrumental music teacher will send an email to the email address given when applying for the lessons to inform you of the lesson times for the half term. 

    A copy of lesson times will also be on the display board outside classroom H106 in the music department. 

Financial Assistance
Information can be found at or please contact the customer service centre on 0300 123 4048 or