The Highfield School aims to have ALL parents/carers attend parent consultation evenings – they are only once a year and really do have an impact on your child’s education, as well as giving the opportunity to:-

  • Meet your child’s teachers.
  • Discuss your child’s progress. 
  • Gain a better understanding of how to best support your child with their learning.
  • Provide the teacher with some background information about your child.

Before the Day
Students make appointments with their individual subject teachers, using the appointment sheet at the back of their handbook; this starts two weeks before parents' evening. 
Check the sheet regularly to ensure appointments are being made. If there are no, or only a few, appointments being made, please contact your child’s Tutor.
On the Evening

  • Students accompany parents.
  • Please sign in at the main school entrance.
  • Should you have any queries, there are senior students on the signing-in desk who should be able to help you.
  • There will be maps available showing where each teacher is located. 
  • If a member of staff is unable to attend parents evening, please leave your details on the sheet provided at the signing in desk and they will contact you.
  • Appointment slots are only 5 minutes long. If you feel you need longer, please arrange to see the teacher at another time.
  • Where a teacher teaches more than one class it may not have been possible for them to make appointments with all of their students. Should you wish to speak to a teacher with whom your child has been unable to make an appointment, you can either email them directly (email addresses are on the school website) or complete the form at the signing in desk.
  • Should you unexpectedly find that you are not able to attend parents evening, please call the school.  

2020/21 Parents' Evening Dates

Year 10 Parents' Evening 26th November 2020
Year 13 Joint Parents' Consultation Evening 10th December 2020
Year 11 Parents' Evening 28th January 2021
Year 12 Parents' Evening 4th March 2021
Year 9 Parents' Evening 4th February 2021
Year 7 Parents' Evening 20th March 2021
Year 8 Parents' Evening  1st July 2021