The Pastoral Team at The Highfield School is a strong one. The team is led by the Assistant Headteacher for Safeguarding and the Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral. There are three Pastoral Safeguarding Officers, each linked to a specific year group who support with pastoral care. There is also 1 Pastoral Support Co-ordinator and 1 Safeguarding Admin.  

The students are organised into Tutor groups within their year group. Each Tutor group is also allocated one of the six Houses.

All Tutor groups follow a tutorial programme aimed at developing skills, carrying out Tutor challenges, reading, mentoring and celebrating success. This is further strengthened by assemblies.

As well as receiving individual support from their Tutors, support is also available through our Young Carers, School Counsellor, LGBTQ & Anti Bullying and variety of outside agencies and the School Pastoral Safeguarding Officers.

Our aim is to ensure that students feel safe, valued, cared for and respected, and most importantly, able to achieve their full potential in all areas of their school experience.
Our Behaviour for Learning Policy can be found in the Policies and Documents Section under the 'Our School' tab.

The House System

Houses Seacole Turing King Franklin Hawking Bronte
Head of House Mrs C Pawlaczek Mrs A Edwards Miss M  Laycock Mrs B Clarke Mrs T Spires Mrs R Kench
SLT Mrs K Hutton Ms R Cosgrove Miss H Wells Mr J Baker Mrs J Hammond Mr B Pike


School Rewards

The school has an effective reward system which feeds into the exciting House system which itself encourages positive and friendly rivalry between House groups. 

Rewards Ladder

Behaviour Ladder

This is all underpinned by a strong Code of Conduct and a clear system of sanctions via the Behaviour Ladder, should they be needed. Student behaviour is excellent and we take the Pastoral Care of our students very seriously indeed, including ensuring that appropriate sanctions are in place in the rare instance that they may be required. It is with this in mind that we have produced the attached Behaviour Ladder, which outlines the sanctions.

Consequence Ladder