Years 7-10 Personal Study Links for Strike Action Days

  • Click here for the Personal Study Support Material for Years 7-11

Remote Education -  Information for parents/carers

  • Click here for an overview of our remote education information

Google Classroom Student Guide

  • Please click here for the student guide to accessing Google Classroom

Guide to using Nearpod

Remote Learning Expectations - Parents/Carers Guide

  • Click here to read the Parents/Carers Guide to Remote Learning Expectations

Expectations in Live Lessons

  • Please click here to read the expectations for students in live lessons
  • Please read the updated Behaviour for Learning Addendum on the Policies and Protocols page of the school website


  • Click here to find a useful tutorial on submitting an assignment
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to log onto Google Classroom using RM Unify
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to use Google Classroom 
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to attend Live Lessons using Google Meet