Applying to the Sixth Form

Applying to the Sixth Form

Students intending to join the Sixth Form need to calculate their average GCSE Points Score by looking at their GCSE predicted Grades in Maths, English and their best grades for six other subjects making a total of eight in all.

For 9 - 1 GCSE grades the point score is equivalent to the grade given. E.g. a grade 6 is equal to 6 points.

Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media and Level 1/2 BTEC Tech Award in Dance 
Cambridge National in Sports Studies

Level 2 Distinction* = 8.5, Distinction = 7, Merit = 5.5, Pass = 4
Level 1 Distinction = 3, Merit = 2, Pass = 1.25

Work out your average score by totalling your point score for eight GCSEs including Maths and English and divide by eight.

If you want to study A-Levels, or BTEC National Extended Certificate you must have an Average Point Score of at least 4.

  • To study Maths you must achieve a 6 in Maths at GCSE.
  • If you want to study Physics, Biology or Chemistry you must have a grade 6 or above at GCSE in the subject.
  • To study Psychology you must achieve a 5 in GCSE English.

Please note that all applications for the Sixth Form are assessed on an individual basis. 


Subjects Offered Within The Highfield And Fearnhill Sixth Form Consortium

Offered only at: Subject Qualification
  Biology A Level
  Business Studies A Level
Fearnhill Business BTEC- L3
  Chemistry A Level
Fearnhill Computing BTEC- L3
Highfield Computer Science A Level
  Drama A Level
Highfield English Literature A Level
Highfield English Language A Level
  Fine Art A Level
Highfield French A Level
  Further Maths (must have maths as an option) A Level
  Geography A Level
Highfield  Government and Politics A Level
  Graphic Communication A Level
Highfield  Health and Social Care BTEC- L3
  History A Level
Fearnhill Event Organisation BTEC- L3
  Mathematics A Level
Fearnhill Media Studies A Level
  Music A Level
Fearnhill Performing Arts BTEC- L3
Highfield Philosophy and Ethics A Level
Highfield Photography A Level
  Physical Education A Level
  Physics A Level
  Psychology A Level
Highfield Sociology A Level
Fearnhill Sport BTEC- L3
Highfield  Textiles A Level
Fearnhill Travel and Tourism BTEC- L3

Please note these courses may be subject to change.