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Years 7-10 Personal Study Links for Strike Action Days

  • Click here for the Personal Study Support Material for Years 7-11

What to do if you misplace your ipad, or it gets stolen

Stolen iPads are very rare but if this does happen:   

  1. Please report it to the Police and obtain a Crime Ref No.
  2. Please also report it stolen to the school on, This email address can be used out of hours i.e school holidays, weekends and after school hours. The IT team can then attempt to lock the iPad and to trace its location.

If you misplace your iPad and are unsure of its location:

During school hours:

  1. Please report this straight away to the IT Network Office at the top of the Parker block. The IT team can then attempt to lock the iPad and to trace its location.

After School/Weekends/School Holidays:

  1. Please report its loss to the school on The IT team can then lock the iPad and attempt to trace its location.

Please ensure you report missing or stolen iPads as soon as possible to assist the IT team with tracing them. As soon as batteries run out of charge, this can make tracking more difficult.

Remote Education -  Information for parents/carers

  • Click here for an overview of our remote education information

Google Classroom Student Guide

  • Please click here for the student guide to accessing Google Classroom

Guide to using Nearpod

Remote Learning Expectations - Parents/Carers Guide

  • Click here to read the Parents/Carers Guide to Remote Learning Expectations

Expectations in Live Lessons

  • Please click here to read the expectations for students in live lessons
  • Please read the updated Behaviour for Learning Addendum on the Policies and Protocols page of the school website


  • Click here to find a useful tutorial on submitting an assignment
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to log onto Google Classroom using RM Unify
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to use Google Classroom 
  • Click here for a tutorial on how to attend Live Lessons using Google Meet
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