The Library

Library Manager: Ms C Turner

Library Assistant: Mrs V Shergill

Our school Library is a welcoming space for students who wish to read or work during break and lunchtime. We are busy throughout the school day with students coming in for Library lessons, to choose books, carry out research or work on the computers. After school, there is a homework club for anyone who wants to get their work done in a calm and quiet environment before going home, with IT resources, a member of staff and, of course, plenty of books.

The Library is stocked with an extensive and regularly updated collection of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, comics and manga, plus a selection of audio-books and magazines. Every student is a member of the school Library and will have an induction and Library lessons during Years 7 and 8.

As well as the physical collection, we provide each student with a username for the school Sora app, so they can access an online resource of nearly 4,000 ebooks and audio-books on their electronic devices. In the Sora app, students can alter the font size, style and the page colour to make text more accessible. They can look up the meaning of unfamiliar words, and there are challenges and achievements to encourage more reluctant readers.

Reading for pleasure is very important at the Highfield School and we always have displays, posters, book reviews and reading lists around the Library to help students find something that will capture their interest and imagination. There are huge social, emotional and educational benefits to be gained from reading for pleasure. Please click on the link below to find out more.

Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Throughout the year there are special events in the Library. These have included author talks (most recently Bali Rai), the Christmas Quiz, a Hot Choc Reading Café for World Book Day and workshops for National Poetry Day. There is also a thriving book club, Books & Biscuits, who meet weekly for bookish discussion and games, and take part in the annual North Herts Schools Book Awards.

We have a team of excellent student Library Helpers across the year groups who do desk duty at break and lunchtime, as well as keeping the shelves in order, working on displays and helping their peers to locate books. Students interested in becoming a Highfield Library Helper should fill in the form linked below which opens for new applicants during the last two weeks of every term.

Library Helper Application Form

If you want some reading ideas for a particular age or theme, the following websites are both very useful:

Love Reading 4 Schools

The School Reading List

We do ask that students look after the books they borrow, keep them somewhere safe when not reading them and always return them to the Library desk on time. If you haven’t finished your book, you can always renew it. A few rules are necessary to keep the Library a comfortable and calm space for everyone:

  • No food or drink to be brought into the Library (apart from water)
  • IT equipment/iPads must be used for school purposes only
  • Students using the Library are expected to be reading or working quietly
  • Any books that are lost or damaged will need to be paid for or replaced
  • Disrespectful or unkind behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban from using the Library at break and lunch times.


We have a brilliant new Library web app! On the app you can view our Library offering. You can log in to see what books you have out, view your reading history, search for books, make reservations and write reviews. If you add your interests, you will be notified when a new book is added that you might like.

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